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    An Infant classroom is usually the first step in a child’s Olivia DiMaio journey. Olivia DiMaio infant rooms are designed to provide a comforting atmosphere where an infant can have a home-away-from-home experience. An infant room stimulates a child’s senses by allowing an infant to explore their environment. Olivia DiMaio infants are the leaders in their own education.


    A Toddler classroom is an eventful place where everything is a new and exciting experience. The curriculum and environment are guided by what a toddler would be interested in. Our Toddler Teachers are facilitators in each child’s educational experiences by adapting the environment and curriculum to foster his or her individual experiences and knowledge. An Olivia DiMaio Toddler Room is where a child’s social skills begin to develop. Engaging in different social settings allows young minds the opportunity to develop strong problem solving skills.


    An Olivia DiMaio Preschool Classroom sets the stage for a life time of learning. Preschool curriculum is where a foundation for a life time of learning begins. Each Preschool classroom is divided into centres where students can practice specific learning like reading and life skills. Teachers can adjust their centres based on the children’s interests, creating targeted learning activities that are sure to envoke a positive response. The combination of these centres and a play-based curriculum give every child the opportunity to learn at their own pace or to discover something new!


    Before and After school programs allow the children to come to a place where they feel comfortable. Enrolled children can enjoy nutritious snacks and take advantage of our homework program. We believe that it is important to get children into healthy school habits early on to encourage each child to give their very best effort to their education. We stress the importance of completing homework while providing a fun, educational environment that every child can enjoy being a part of.