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Our ultimate goal at Olivia DiMaio is to encourage children to love learning.

We want to make sure we’re providing fun, engaging programs that keep our kids excited about their education. Through balanced nutrition and play-based learning, we embrace each child’s individual needs and skills, instilling confidence and healthy habits.

Core Values

The cornerstone of our educational philosophy is that children are key participants in their education. Imaginative play allows the children to explore their world while learning at the same time. Our curriculum focuses on developing social, emotional, communication, cognitive, and physical skills that will carry the children through to adulthood. Our highly trained Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE’s) develop their curriculum through observations from the children themselves. Thoughtfully documented observations allow the teachers to pinpoint the interest of the children and help develop a wellrounded curriculum that keeps the children engaged and active participants in their learning journey rather than memorizing concepts and information. 

Healthy eating is an important part of Olivia DiMaio. We put a healthy twist on snacks and meals that children love. Healthy options are always a priority in the Olivia DiMaio kitchen.

Physical Activity is an important part of learning and growth. Olivia DiMaio centres are each equipped with a multipurpose room that allows children to experience our physical education program both inside and outside the facility throughout the day.

We believe that children should have unlimited access to the outdoors. Part of our curriculum gives children the time to dive into their curiosity by bringing nature into their classrooms. Children have adequate time outdoors throughout the day to explore nature with some limitations.  

Literacy is a fundamental building block in education, and Olivia DiMaio believes that a book can be a positive beginning to a child’s educational journey. Our teachers use literacy as a tool to help foster learning experiences.

Our Book of the Month club is a special addition to the literacy program at Olivia DiMaio, providing the teachers and parents with a new book to enjoy each month.

At Olivia DiMaio, we know how important early education is to a child’s growth.

Our staff is made up of talented and experienced early childhood educators who are dedicated to helping each child grow and succeed with their learning. All of our teachers are committed to our curriculum & ensuring that every child’s needs are met. We want all of our students to get the most out of Olivia DiMaio, from education to nutrition!