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An Olivia DiMaio Preschool classroom sets the stage for a life time of learning. Each Preschool classroom is divided into centres where students can practice specific learning like reading, writing, role play, math & science and life skills. Teachers can adjust their centres based on the children’s interests, creating targeted learning activities that are sure to evoke a positive response. The combination of these centres and a play-based curriculum give every child the opportunity to learn at their own pace or to discover something new! 

Skills that Children Will Learn

At this age, preschoolers are beginning to understand their world just a little bit better. Friendships become a vital part of their development and play. Our staff highly encourage group activities that engage children and encourage relationships. Dramatic play & outdoor activities are just some of the examples of how education plays a role in teamwork and establishing friendships. 

Preschoolers are at an exciting age where independence is a dominant characteristic. They are so proud of themselves for every new accomplishment. Our educators provide programming that encourages independence and celebrate every accomplishment (big or small) with your child.

Preschoolers are at a pivotal point in their young lives. Their vocabulary is increasing by the day! Our Preschool curriculum is created with thoughtful ideas and experiences that give our preschoolers the opportunity to expand their communication through reading, writing and vocabulary.