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Summer Camp

Olivia DiMaio summer camps provide children with entertaining activities that keep their minds active and focused in their time off from school. Children are encouraged to take part in educational crafts and games that keep both their minds and bodies active over the summer months. Our camp program also involves scheduled field trips that take advantage of the fun and informative facilities of our community.


Our Olivia DiMaio curriculum incorporates music and movement. This is a fun and exciting way to encourage participation for children of all ages. We believe music helps to develop a child’s ability to listen and interpret information while reinforcing confidence and a joy for learning. In addition to our music and movement, Olivia DiMaio also has a trained piano instructor that gives children private piano lessons during the day at Olivia DiMaio.

Literacy Program

Literacy is a fundamental building block for future education. Each Olivia DiMaio classroom has it’s own literacy centre, where children are able to begin learning early writing and reading skills. Our Book of the Month club gives parents and children the opportunity to read different books together to encourage reading as a regular activity.

Saturday Night Care

We know how hard it can be to find someone to care for your children on a Saturday night. It can also be uncomfortable to think of leaving your child in the care of someone they don’t really know. Our Saturday Night Care program provides parents with the option of leaving their children in the care of the familiar, trustworthy faces of Olivia DiMaio. Our staff prepares fun planned activities, games and movies for every child and rewards participation with a pizza party.

French Immersion

We want to help children build strong skills that will help them succeed as they grow, like learning a second language. Every child, including infants, at Olivia DiMaio, will be introduced to the French language, creating a natural transition into bilingual education. Preschool-aged children are also offered the opportunity to participate in our French Immersion program to develop French as a second language.


Yoga has become an increasingly popular way to unite and nourish the mind and body. Practicing yoga has been proven to drastically improve one’s health and overall well-being. At Olivia DiMaio, we believe that yoga can be very beneficial to the health of our children. Each class teaches the importance of relaxation, focus, and keeping our bodies healthy. Our yoga classes reinforce our belief in creating good habits that promote the positive growth of both the mind and body.