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A Toddler classroom is an eventful place where everything is a new and exciting experience. The curriculum and environment are guided by what a toddler would be interested in. Our Toddler teachers are facilitators in each child’s educational experiences by adapting the environment and curriculum to foster his or her individual experiences and knowledge. An Olivia DiMaio Toddler Room is where a child’s social skills begin to develop. Toddlers learn at a fast pace, so our highly qualified teachers change their environments frequently to ensure all interests are being met and are thriving through dramatic play, creative arts, fine & gross motor activities, math and science.

Skills that Children Will Learn

Whether your child is new to Olivia DiMaio or transitioning from the Infant Room, one of our main priorities is developing social skills that will always be evolving throughout life. We believe that children should be involved in their daily routinesencouraged to make friendships through positive interactions with others.  

Children are forever developing key skills, especially at young ages. Toddlers are naturally independent, so our teachers ensure their classroom environments are set up to continue to foster toddler independence.  

Toddlers are like tiny sponges. At this stage in life, they are rapidly developing in every way. Their curiosity is at peak levelAt Olivia DiMaio, our educators maximize the toddlers’ curiosity by creating learning environments within their rooms to encourage important skills such as emotional guidance, problem solving and verbal communication.